January 15, 2021
The Mission of Honee Coffee

“Every person destined to this world, bringing a unique mission within us, is this truth also extended to the honey bees?”

The Central Highland in the blossoming season of Arabica Coffea, is the ideal time for one to arrive at the mountainous plantation that was covered in the flower’s white. In the early morning mist, thousands of honey bees have explored the garden through and through, buzzing nonstop while busily collecting nectar and helping farmers pollinating the flowers in the process. It is as sublime and radiant as a masterpiece painting.

The honey bee delivers the message from the farmers to all of us that: Let us love and honor the values of Vietnam coffee beans by cherishing the labour of the coffee producers, contributing to stablelizing prices and improving their lives!

Honee Coffee‘s mission is to combine coffee beans with honey and coffee flower to create the symphony of nature, enhancing the value of life by presenting enjoyment and profound humanism values!”

July 21st, 2015

Ban Me Gold Co., Ltd.

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