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We believe in the harmonious combination of distinctive individuals will create meaningful values.

At Ban Me Gold

Us & Passion

Perhaps so, one cannot be happy doing something he/she does not enjoy. And fortunately, we have been living and working with our passion. There is nothing better than a group of people who ‘addicted to coffee’ can give their lives by doing their best.

Our passion has motivated us to improve, to create and to seek perfection for our products continuously.

Best of all, that passion makes the daily 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM loop no longer boring.

The Value of Harmony

One Destination, Various Ways Back

One of the main factors has enabled us to move forward now as well as in the future is people. They are our crew who have been accompanying with Ban Me Gold.

Although everyone has different desires, different intentions and often different paths, we all have the same destination, the end of all turns and paths – Happiness. On these voyages, there are times that we accompany each other, turns on different ways, or our paths converge again. With this in mind and our core values, we always treasure the differences and support each other, thereby creating simple and modest values ​​for life.

And with this in mind, every step of Ban Me Gold, we always appreciate the cooperation and support from our partners as well as the trust of customers for our products.

Ban Me Gold with the goal of creating golden values, hope that these values ​​will bring simple joys on a long and challenging journey to happiness.

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