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We are a young company in the coffee market in Vietnam as well as in the world. However, since the very first days of Ban Me Gold, we have always focused on original and unique values ​​in Vietnamese coffee beans.

The Vietnamese coffee industry has been overshadowed by the image of low-quality coffee for a long time. It is rooted in historical and economic reasons that entail from the past. However, over the past few years, the wave of high-quality coffee, typically – Specialty Coffee, has influenced every corner and mind of coffee makers and farmers. Vietnamese coffee quality is continuously improved and explored.

With those above factors and our production philosophy that respects the harmony of nature with enduring passion, we have built up a few simple, modest values but full of flavor and joy.

The content below is divided into short articles, sharing things that we have built, created, and experienced on our journey so far. In case you need more technical information, please refer to the [ Reference ]  page or contact us directly for assistance.


Honee Coating Processing

Awaken The Hidden Savour.

Honee Coating Processing is a unique processing method first created by Ban Me Gold. This method is continuously tested and improved throughout the company’s development and brings breakthrough elements in the coffee taste.

The Founder’s experiences inspired this method with nature and coffee at a young age. And this is one of our most vital processing methods created on her journey to rediscover the marvellous savour of her first coffee thirty years ago.

Honee Coating Processing is like a breeze blowing through a field of flowers, gently stirring rustling foliage, gliding lightly on a sunny lake’s surface and so, similarly, making a cup of coffee more lively. We blend and apply the coffee beans, which preliminarily processed with the Honee Coating Processing method, in many product lines. In which the most particular is the Honey Moka products – the soul of the brand Honee Coffee.

Main Product


Over ten years of ebb and flow with coffee, we have built up two brands of coffee: Honee Coffee and Rexsun.

They have two different roles and support each other to fulfil our desire for Vietnamese coffee flavour. Honee Coffee aims to enjoy discovering the creative, new, adventurous and hidden savour ​​of Vietnamese coffee beans. Meanwhile, Rexsun acts as a retainer and tells the story of traditional Vietnamese taste.

To empower the products of these two brands, we always improve our technique, production facilities and awareness.

The producer must ensure a balance and harmony between the technical and artistic aspects to find and rouse the potential qualities in the coffee beans.

It is essential to ensure that coffee bean parameters and related process meet the standards. Still, in practice, we must always break them to a certain extent to ensure the flavour value and stability of the coffee. It is an artistic challenge because it requires the producer perception and comprehension of the coffee taste and aroma.

Therefore, the study of scientific knowledge and application must always go with the sharpening of the ability to enjoy artistic values ​​in coffee. Balancing these two elements is a big challenge, but that’s why it creates fun and a great taste experience.



Honee Coffee

Honee coffee is towards the enjoyment and the experience of consumers. They come from the harmony between nature’s rustic and culture’s sophistication. Explore the unique flavors of Vietnamese coffee as well as open up the amazing taste experiences.

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Coffee Roasting 

At this moment, scientists have found more than 1,000 chemical compounds in a coffee bean. Each different preliminary processing method, roasting profiles, and vice versa will result in a multitude of different tastes and flavors. And it’s the marvelous journey we’re passionate about.

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Coffee Bean Blending

Combine different coffees to create the desired flavor, to balance some of the distinct properties in each coffee, to give product stability, to create a flavored coffee harmony, and so on. Those are our daily tasks from roasted beans to instant coffee.

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The role of Rexsun is the Retainer of Vietnamese coffee taste. Its products are the combination of those that have the most Vietnamese traits. It not only about the strong taste and thick body of the coffee but also the typical Vietnamese coffee culture.

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The above articles will help you have the most concise view of the topic. However, for our brands, if you can visit each brand’s website, the spirit of the brand will be more manifest.


Dried Fruits & Nuts

With a favourable geographical location, Vietnamese agricultural products are well-known for their diversity and quality. With this advantage, we are determined to expand into the dried fruit sector with a new project, the Traynini brand.

Even though Traynini is not our main product, it is one of the steps to improve our coffee production. You may be wondering, why are these two branches complementary? The problem lies in the taste and the ability to judge the taste.

Therefore, ensuring the quality and understanding the fruit flavour is the crucial factor for us to open a new journey of coffee savour.




Traynini is our new project, focusing on dried fruits and nuts. The common characteristics of Traynini products are that we focus on are Vietnamese origin and have a natural taste as much as possible.

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Due to the Covid-19 situation, our dried fruit products have not been able to launch yet.

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