We are proud to be a Vietnamese coffee company, and we have been roasting nonstop since 2010.

We chose this path for one simple reason, and that’s because the coffee beans are miraculous enough to spark a busy new day.

Like energy for your car…

Coffee is energy for the mind.

From the subsidy period to the period of Đổi Mới economic reforms for the first time after 1986, the plateau land has always been known for many things, including forests, ethnic minorities, the sun, red soil, and coffee. Here, coffee beans have a precious value like ‘gold’ and that is also the origin of our name – Vàng Ban Mê in Vietnamese and Ban Me Gold in English.

What we do

Coffee & Coffee


We have quite a good roasting technique, with roasting machines imported from Europe. The quality is proven by domestic and foreign customers from many countries like Korea, Japan, China, Europe and the Middle East.



We have rich portfolios of roasted and instant coffee blends. Those that were made by carefully adjustment and testing to have the harmonious taste and aroma.


We also do outsourcing for customers who have unique requests for the coffee. At the same time, help customers balance or improve the recipe. Furthermore, we value security and long-term partnership.

Gifts From Our Motherland

On Coffee of Vietnam

Vietnamese food always brings a strange breeze in world cuisine because of its richness, tasty moreover there’re always historical stories related to those flavours. Coffee too, more than 150 years ago, when the first coffee seeds followed priests from France on the dock to thrash and wriggle freely in the red earth and their foliage bathed in the sun of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. It is a story with both a depth and a long history of a challenging time.

The first time we rushed into the world coffee market which lead to corner the market. It was when the Vietnam economy opened the door for the first time in the 1990s – 2000s. Because in general, Vietnam is just an emerging ‘player’ entering the market, and all economic concepts are too new. Compared to the veteran players in the world coffee industry like Italy, France and the West, we are just like a newbie in the industry.

However, in recent years, Vietnam is stepping up its integration with the international community. Simultaneously, with the efforts of many thoughtful and influential coffee makers, it has helped improve Vietnamese coffee to some extent. That is something to be proud of.

Besides, we know how to use our coffee in creative and flexible ways to create our own characteristics. Vietnamese coffee is like a jazz song, the taste is like the notes that seem messy and disorder, but they somehow communicate with each other to tell a certain story. Therefore, the buzzing feeling of a traditional Vietnamese coffee cup resonating with the chaotic and hustling traffic has brought an interesting experience for visitors coming here.

EU hiện là thị trường lớn thứ hai của cà phê của Việt Nam.


Table of Content

Each section below describes one aspect of Ban Me Gold. Although these sections only describe a brief look on the surface, you may understand who we are, where we are going, and the values ​​we pursue.


Introducing important milestones in the development process as well as the growth of Ban Me Gold.

Core Values

About the core values, those are important and influences from the early days of the company until now.


After all that has been done, where Ban Me Gold will be heading in the future? And what we are seeking for?

People & Passion

Our crew and their distinctive passion are indispensable for the development of Ban Me Gold.

Honee Coating Processing

This results from the passion and creativity we have pursued for more than 10 years — the harmony of natural flavours.

Product & Service

Briefly describe the production categories, services, brands, and values ​​that these brands offer.


Introducing the factory of Ban Me Gold. This is where we to make our desires and creativity for savour into something real!


About the certificates that we have been issued. Such as ISO22000 certificate or Halal certificate.

Legal Information

Including legal information of the company such as Vietnamese name, English name, year of establishment, tax code…



During our journey, we have launched 3 brands, including Rexsun, Honee Coffee and Trấyninì. All are small spots of fire that sparked from the founder’s ambitions, seemingly waiting for a wind to burst out.

Interested in working with us?

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