Honee Coating Processing

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Honee Coating Processing

Ban Me Gold’s unique coffee processing method.
Open up the flavour journey on many levels!


Honey Coat

 “Thiên nhiên không hề vội vã, nhưng mọi thứ đều hoàn thiện”
                                                                                                                – Lão Tử


Aroused from the flames of the sun covering the whole the Central Highlands, wafting in the warm of life to coffee trees. Then came the flames from the roasting chamber, added flavour to each bean, like the blacksmith crafting the masterpieces of crude iron ore.

Coffee, the founder’s old-time passion, is long nights, the founder is sleepless because the coffee bags are sparingly wrapped in cement bags during the subsidy period. And also from the love of nature of the Central Highlands, where just passing a bush along the road made the blue butterflies startled to cover the whole sky, making the whole scene even greener.

In retrospect, there is always a very close mix between nature and man, but also delicate. Since then, the founder has created a Honee processing method based on ​​a combination of nature and humans.

Ten years have passed. The idea of ​​coating a layer of honey on each bean has gradually matured after countless experiments. And the name Honee Coffee was also born based on the idea of ​​coffee and honey – Honee (Honey) and Coffee.


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