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The Taste of Life


[ 01 – 01 – 2021 ]



Honee Coffee is one of the first two brands of Ban Me Gold.

Combine prominent values of the Vietnamese coffee with distinctive attributes of the culture and nature to create products that are not only an enjoyable experience but also worth exploring.


From Our Founder 

“Every person destined to this world, bringing a unique mission within us, is this truth also extended to the honey bees?”

The Central Highland in the blossoming season of Arabica Coffea, is the ideal time for one to arrive at the mountainous plantation that was covered in the flower’s white. In the early morning mist, thousands of honey bees have explored the garden through and through, buzzing nonstop while busily collecting nectar and helping farmers pollinating the flowers in the process. It is as sublime and radiant as a masterpiece painting.

The honey bee delivers the message from the farmers to all of us that: Let us love and honor the values of Vietnam coffee beans by cherishing the labour of the coffee producers, contributing to stablelizing prices and improving their lives!

Honee Coffee‘s mission is to combine coffee beans with honey and coffee flower to create the symphony of nature, enhancing the value of life by presenting enjoyment and profound humanism values!”

July 21st, 2015



Below is some brief information about the brand identity of Honee Coffee.

Meaning of Brand Name

The combination of Honey and Coffee inspired the birth of Honee Coffee and Honee Coating Processing Method. Most of this brand’s products are using our unique technique Honee Coating Processing method.

Also, Honee is a combination of Honey and Bee, or it is Honey Bee in merge.



We created the logo from the founder’s idea to express the ups and downs of human life, and the natural tendency of each person is towards to The true, The good and The beautiful.

The logo consists of two parts, the lower part is the Path of Life (Đường Đời), and the upper part is The Way (Đường Đạo), which is a guide for those who are searching. Soft shape of logo represents the flow, the flow of time, of each person’s life. The logo is designed to form a continuous, interlocking pattern that is endless – with no beginning and no end (as shown below).



The Taste of Life


Product Line

The list below briefly describes the product lines of Honee Coffee.

Single Origin Coffee

This line includes pure roasted coffee beans product, i.e. beans of the same type (like Arabica) and coming from the same region or farm. These products highlight the properties of each type of coffee. So is often used for blending.

Hương Chồn

Hương Chồn is a unique product line of Honee Coffee, created to preserve Vietnamese Weasel (Chồn) Coffee’s legendary taste. We have combined different types of Vietnamese coffees based on our perception of Chồn coffee, our coffee knowledge, and our distinctive roasting techniques to create this product line’s favourable value.

Chồn (Vietnam's Weasel)

This line has only one product is Giấc Mộng Viễn Đông – A Dream Of L’Extrême-Orient.

We created this line for the comparison purpose with the Hương Chồn product line mentioned above. Moreover, we do not recommend customers to use this product for several reasons:

  • To enjoy and distinguish the taste of Weasel coffee requires the drinker to be very sensitive about taste, aroma, or sensory innate. If not, it won’t be easy to notice the difference between Weasel coffee and others.
  • Weasel coffee production is scarce, even though there are weasel farms.
  • The price is high because natural weasel coffee is extremely low. Even if from weasel farms, the cost is still high because it is challenging to raise weasel, and the output is not much.
  • Most customers will feel uncomfortable because of the controversial issue: animal abuse.

The above factors are why we developed the Huong Chon product line and do not advocate and plan for this product line’s growth.


Valens is a soluble product line based on a combination of health-friendly ingredients. We always choose to combine ingredients harmoniously, prioritizing selecting natural flavours (like pollen) to create products.


Đăk is a product line depicting many cultural features of the Central Highlands. The word Đăk in ethnic minority language means water or river, bringing a strong spirit and full of vitality.

Red and black are the two typical colours on the outfits and motifs of the ethnic minority, and we use them to express the two products’ unique characteristics. Đăk Red (cxDAKR200) has a subtle and light taste, has the early morning rusticness of the mountainous region, while Đăk Black (cxDAKB200) has robust, bold flavours inspired by the characteristics from the sun and wind of the Central Highlands.

Honey Coating

This line includes 100% Honee Coating Processing products – a unique coffee processing method developed by Ban Me Gold.



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